Regardless of production or pellet size required, consider CO2 Air, Inc.’s pelletizers. Production rates of the pelletizer line range from 100 pounds per hour to 3000 pounds per hour. Click on the links below to view specific information on equipment in your production requirement range. Whatever your dry ice requirements, CO2 Air, Inc. is ready to assist you. Producing pellets on-site reduces sublimation losses and eliminates the storage space required for purchased dry ice. You control your dry ice quality, inventory, and availability.

Footprint Drawing of P2-1008

Model#SizeProduction Rate
Series 100-P1-1001-4" bore150 lbs. per hour
Series 300-P1-1501-6" bore150 lbs. per hour
Series 300-P2-3002-6" bore300 lbs. per hour
Series 500-P1-5061-6" bore500 lbs. per hour
Series 500-P2-10062-6" bore1,100 lbs. per hour
Series 1000-P1-5081-8" bore500 lbs. per hour
Series 1000-P2-10082-8" bore1,100 lbs. per hour
Series 1200-P1-7581-8" bore750 lbs. per hour
Series 1200-P2-15082-8" bore1,500 lbs. per hour
Series 2400-P2-24002-10" bore2,400 lbs. per hour
Series 3000-P2-30002-10" bore3,000 lbs. per hour

Custom or metric sizes are available
Based on atmospheric exhaust and random pellet length
Typical Pelletizer Installation PDF File