CO2 Air, Inc. is one of the leading equipment manufactures in the dry ice industry. Their equipment is the most respected in the industry and they have acquired a large customer base across the United States. They hold a market share of 80% of pelletizer sales and 100% of block press sales in the US and continue to expand in worldwide sales. Their response to customer needs is immediate and professional. The company has a reputation for quality products and excellent service in the US and around the globe. Always putting the customer first, they offer assistance and technical support to all current and potential customers.

There are over 200 types of industries having carbon dioxide equipment applications and CO2 Air’s goal is to continue their exposure and increase sales in these industries around the world.


  • Engineering  and Special Programming
  • Refurbish, Service and Update Used Equipment
  • Product Installation and Commissioning
  • Onsite Customer Training
  • 3-D CAD Drawings
  • Plant Layout Assistance

CO2 Air is the leader in the industry for design of new concepts, implementing current technology into our equipment and striving to maintain standards, we have everything in our facilities to assist you with any challenges you may have.